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Jon Mohatt

Jon Mohatt

Hi everyone, my name is Jon Mohatt and I have been motivated by others to start sharing my knowledge about how I have been able to stretch our travel budget to pay for many amazing trips while remaining debt free.  I have a wonderful wife and three daughters who all have a love for adventure and travel.  I see one of my primary roles as a father to fill my daughter’s memory banks as full as I can while I still have them in the house.  I know they will be gone much too soon and I want to take full advantage of every moment I have!

I was in the military for over 26 years starting with the Army National Guard (7 yrs.), then on to active duty in the US Army (4 yrs.) and then over to the US Air Force (15 yrs.) until I retired from service in 2014.  My children have known no life other than that of a military family and my wife is an Army veteran so they have all been great at providing the support required of a military family.  It was really a team effort to support a service member’s career.  Being in the military meant many moves, which has just fueled their thirst to see new places and travel even more.

Most of our family adventures, to this point, have been in the United States with several cruises to Mexico and the Caribbean.  I have deployed and seen some amazing places due to my military career, but my most cherished memories are those spent with my family, especially our summers in Montana.  I hope I can share with you how I have been able to budget money for family travel and then stretch those dollars through using loyalty program rewards.

I am a firm believer in living a spiritual, family oriented, patriotic, fit and debt-free life.  These beliefs describe my family and me in a nut shell.  Each and every one of these major family beliefs, or priorities, has enhanced our experiences while traveling.  To just travel is one thing, but to really soak it in and appreciate what one is experiencing creates eternal memories.  Our kids still talk about many of our trips like they just happened yesterday and the smiles that come across their faces when describing their memories make everything it took to pull it off worth every minute and every dollar (or point!).

I sure hope you enjoy the information provided.  If you ever want to add something I missed or ask a question just comment on the posts or shoot a message my way.  I don’t claim to be an expert or travel guru, just someone who has been able to provide some wonderful experiences for my family without breaking the bank.  I hope you join in the fun.

Happy brainstorming and safe travels!


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