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Barclaycard’s Premiere Customer Service

Premiere Customer Service

Premiere Customer Service

I figured that my past few posts on NCL (Link #1, #2 & #3) were so negative that I needed to rebound and give some praise for a change.  This shout goes out to a company that went above and beyond and surprised me with their premiere customer service,  As you can tell by now, I am won over and become a loyal customer for life by receiving a good value and superior customer service from a company.  Barclays is a banking company that has done just that with their Barclaycard Arrival Plus MasterCard product.

My Big Mistake

I recently made a mistake and accidentally used my points for a cash redemption when I was trying to use them for a travel credit.  For those familiar with the card, you already know that there is a large value difference between the two uses.  I stood to lose hundreds of dollars in redemption value if I was forced to proceed with my cash redemption.  As soon as I noticed my mistake I called Barclay customer service line at 1-866-928-3106 and got in touch with a customer service representative that was only partial helpful as I found out that this would take a manager to approve the reversal.  I logged into my account and pleaded my case via a secure email directly to the card’s customer service department.  That is when I received the following letter in the mail from Barclay Card Services as well as an email response.

The Response

Barclays Ltr_Point Refund

Customer Service Still Wins Customers

I was excited to say the least.  After my horrendous experience with Norwegian I was braced for the worst.  This just showed me once again how extraordinarily bad NCL is at customer service and how there still remains companies such as Barclays that put customers first.  I can’t applaud Barclay enough for their premiere customer service.  Thank you for a job well done.  You and your card will receive my highest recommendation from all who ask me about quality travel credit cards to have in their wallet.

As always, happy brainstorming and safe travels!

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