Travel Brainstorm

Importance of Travel and Tourism to the World Economy

by: Mario Skrzypczak

The travel and tourism industry continues to  grow and it is now responsible for 1 in 11 jobs worldwide. Why has there been such growth? Firstly, a strong global middle class has emerged, and in China, 2 billion more people are expected to join the middle class by 2017. They are keen to see countries beyond their own shores, and they now have the money to do it. On top of this, young people are travelling more. It is now fashionable for young people to spend a period travelling around the world to broaden their horizons. Another important factor is the growth of leisure trips and 72% of business travelers now take extended business trips with a leisure component.

The  hospitality sector has a massive opportunity to exploit this growth, but need to  focus on providing exceptional experiences for each guest. It would be easy for them to rest on their laurels, but  hotels and restaurants who want to maximize their growth potential, will need to focus on continuously improving their customer service.

This info-graphic from Nerval, a restaurant and hotel furniture supplier in Canada, outlines the reasons behind the growth in the travel & tourism industry, and what the hospitality sector needs to do to take advantage of the growth.



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