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Ever wonder the best month to travel to get the best deals while still having a great experience?  There are the best times to travel due to big events such as the Super Bowl in February, but that will cost you an arm and a leg.  What most are interested in are the best values or bang for the buck.  The chart below is a sampling of sites across the web and where some experts feel are the best places to go when for the best bargains.  In other words, it’s cheaper than normal, you can avoid huge crowds yet it’s still nice weather and you will have a wonderful trip.  Take a look and see if you agree.

Best Month to Travel to Many Popular Destinations




Time Inc.


Various Sites

Travel & Leisure

Money Magazine


New York, NY

Santa Barbara, CA

Virginia Beach, VA

Asheville, NC

New York, NY

San Francisco, CA

Washington, DC

Orlando, FL

Cancun, Mexico

Las Vegas, NV

London, UK

Rome, Italy

Los Angeles, CA

Melbourne, Australia

TVs, Electronics, Bedding, Linens, cookware & Fitness Equipment


Colorado Springs, CO

Montreal, Canada

British Columbia, Canada



San Antonio, CA

Savannah, GA

Hong Kong, China

Paris, France

New York, NY

Honolulu, HI

Hong Kong, China

Winter Apparel, Appliances, Furniture & Housewares


Portland, OR


Rio de Janeiro

Namibia, Africa

Los Angeles, CA



Nashville, TN

Montreal, Canada

Flagstaff, AZ

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Non-Apple Smartphones, Running Shoes & Team Apparel


Santa Fe, NM

Rocky Mountains

Charleston, SC

Maryland’s Eastern Shore


Asheville, NC

Charlotte, NC

Los Angeles, CA


Aspen, CO

Ski Trips

Chicago, IL

Copenhagen, Denmark

Home, Garden & Auto Supplies & Spring Clothing


Lake Tahoe, CA

Denver, CO


Tokyo, Japan


Washington State

Atlanta, GA

New York, NY

Turks and Caicos


Ft Lauderdale, FL

London, UK

Home Furnishings & Home Goods


Dallas, TX


Baja, CA

Umbria, Italy

Phoenix, AZ


Albuquerque, NM

Chicago, IL

St. Martin/Maarten


San Antonio, TX

Beijing, China

Tools & Home Improvement



Palm Beach, FL

Baton Rouge, LA

Cayucos, CA

Tucson, AZ

Memphis, TN

El Paso, TX

Boston, MA

St. Lucia

South Pacific

Boston, MA

Sydney, Australia

Swimwear, Summer Entertaining & AC Units


Tucson, AZ

New Orleans, LA

Las Vegas, NV


Las Vegas, NV

Killington, VT

Kansas City, MO

San Francisco, CA

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Madrid, Spain


New York, NY

Berlin, Germany

Laptops & Summer Clothing


Martha’s Vineyard, MA


Door County, WI


New Orleans, LA

Orlando, FL

Seattle, WA

Toronto, Canada

Miami, FL

Orlando, FL

Rome, Italy

Home Furnishings, Outdoor & Patio Goods & Last Generation iPhones and iPads


Miami, FL

Vancouver Islands, BC

Panama City, FL

St. Martin/Maarten

Costa Rica

Breckenridge, CO

Nantucket, MA

Milan, Italy

National Parks

New Orleans, LA

Cape Town, S. Africa

Denim, Fall Fashion, Camping Gear & Sports Equipment


South Pacific

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Austin, TX

Lake Tahoe, NV

Reno, NV

Dominican Republic

Portland, OR

Bangkok, Thailand

St. John, USVI

San Diego, CA

Key West, FL

San Francisco, CA

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Video Games & Consumer Electronics


Napa, CA

Washington D.C.

Seattle, WA

European Riverboat Tour

Napa-Sonoma, CA



Las Vegas, NV

Vancouver, Canada


Las Vegas, NV

Frankfurt, Germany

Gift Cards & Toys

The Best Month to Travel Overall

The site Skyscanner where they analyze millions of flights and reservations a year claim that November is the overall cheapest month to travel.  This is the month it is the most difficult for the travel industry to fill it’s planes, hotels and resorts.

When to Buy Airline Tickets

Below is a graphic from that shows when they feel is the best time to book your flights based on where you are traveling.  So if you are planning to take the advice above and book your trip to Las Vegas this coming winter, you had better do it 47 days in advance for the best ticket prices.

When to Book Flights

One thing I did notice from my research is that there may be some general trends that exist on when to travel to certain regions or popular destinations, but that it’s far from precise.  Any given year the airfare sales may hit at the right time and you could snag a bargain at any time.  The key is to have a system to stay up on fare alerts to where you want to go and have a point plan to ensure you have the ammunition necessary to lower your cost or possibly make your trip free.  It’s really this game of finding that great deal that I love most.

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